Alien Dice 6/5

“What are you doing here?”  Lexx grumbled, his voice rising into an annoyed whine.  “I didn’t invite you in.  Why can’t you wait for an invitation.”  He dropped the fake human illusion immediately.  He felt embarrassed that Riley had seen him like that, but wasn’t sure why.

Riley’s face lit up with an even wider smile, his eyes taking on a sad tilt.  “I would be waiting forever!”

“Don’t you have something better to do?”  Lexx fixed Riley with an even glare, hoping he would take the hint and leave.

“I would,” sighed Riley, his shoulders slumping.  “But Maelinn doesn’t want my company right now.”  He turned to Chel, gesturing in a more upbeat motion.  “Chel, your mom is on the beach somewhere.”

“I was wondering where she was and if she was causing any trouble.”  Chel grinned back at Riley, thankful for the information.

“No more than you.”  Riley chuckled.

Lexx made a face, getting the impression that Riley was ignoring him.



Got it done!  More catchup text will come once I’ve finished book 1.  It’ll be intermittent while I work on the second book.

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