Alien Dice 30-02-12 & 13

It took far too long to get this done… but I just FINISHED the updates for tomorrow and next week!  Thank you for your patience. – TIff

Serenity. Lexx remained in the grass as Serenity screeched and thrashed out of sight. Cautiously, he prepared to react, doing his best to tune out the sound. His skin crawled the desire to rescue her building rapidly. It’s a trap. Serenity will be okay. Do not move. Tairin is nearby.

Something rustled the grass behind him, and he slowly looked over his shoulder. It wasn’t big enough to be a person or one of the dice unless they could shrink. Lexx squinted into the darkness as half a dozen tiny red dots glowed among the tall grass. What?

Movement drew his eye to an unnatural grey matte ball among the blades. The red light in the center glowed, reflecting off the grass, and Lexx’s heart momentarily ceased beating.

Cheating? The word streaked through his head as he jumped into the air. Whatever the things in the grass were, he didn’t need to wait for any other reason than they shouldn’t be there. Wings flapping frantically, he rose over the top of the grass and thrust his hands out before him, collecting energy.

Green light flooded the grass, igniting it on contact with golden-green flames. Lexx singlemindedly swept his hands back and forth, setting the surrounding field on fire. Burning embers flew into the air as smoke ballooned around him, obscuring his vision.