Day 30-01-09

With quick flips of his wings, he dodged most of the strikes, looking for a way to land a blow on Tairin in between. There wasn’t one, and Lexx turned, attempting to gain air when a lash wound around his right arm, snapping tight onto the bandage. Searing heat burst through Lexx’s arm as the bandage smoldered and burned.

Without hesitation, Lexx made his move, Tairin providing him with the opportunity he needed. He swung his hand over the lash, gripping the white-hot cord in his hand. Despite the strong odor of burnt flesh, he held the lash and pulled, sending a jolt of opposing energy down it, directly at Tairin.

“Talk less,” Lexx snarled. “Fight more.”

Green light glimmered over his hand, easing the pain as it rippled back to Tairin. She dug her feet in, pulling back, fighting him for control. The sand gave way beneath her feet, and she crashed to the ground, dropping the second whip.