Alien Dice 30-02-03&04

With the meeting concluded, Vic left in a hurry before they thought of something else they needed to discuss. Getting back to the island was a priority, but first, he had to deal with his wife, and Mel would not like what he had to say. He pushed through the door to the waiting room, and she was still sitting there, waiting.

“We need to be seen leaving,” said Vic, walking by and motioning for her to follow. He glanced around, keeping his head down. There were cameras all over the facility, and the best he could do was make it hard for them to see what he was saying. Thankfully none of them were outfitted for audio—as far as he knew.

“Okay,” said Mel, shaking her head. “My car is still here.”

“They stopped the fleet, but I want you to stay home, Mel.” Vic draped an arm over her shoulder, leaning in close and whispering.

“But I’m not done with my research.”

“I’m sure you have enough to keep you busy for months.”

“I suppose.”

Mel grumbled but said nothing more. He would hear about it later, but it wouldn’t be that bad if he kept Chel safe.



Pyre streaked over a grassy field, his eyes seeking any movement. Darkness provided far too many shadows. The creature glowed, strafing the grass with a blast of fire.

Linone and Lintwo streaked through the grass nearby, keeping low as they fled from the attack.

“The best we can do is draw his attention,” snarled Linone.

“Then that is what we will do!” snapped Lintwo, charging into the darkness.


Making progress again! ENJOY! – Tiff