New Patreon Site In Progress

I figured I might as well just give you all the site link as I’m working on it. You can point out things that aren’t working right or that I’m misplacing.

Right now, I am uploading Draco Vulpes, 5 pages at a time.

I am aware that the prior posts do not have images. I will have to add them manually in the future.

ONLY the special comics that update years in advance will have full archives here, because it’s redundant when they’re on the other sites.

I have to sort all the old posts and will likely just delete the old ones that don’t contain any content and then do a purge on occasion in the future since news posts aren’t really that important.

– Tiff

2 thoughts on “New Patreon Site In Progress

  1. Thanks for making the site, lets me get all the patreon stuff via RSS instead of email.

    1. I’m glad to hear that!

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