Alien Dice Today

Lexx scowled into the darkness. The island was full of life, birds, small mammals, and insects, a plethora of insects who were noisy throughout the night.  There were even owls on the island, and they hooted off in the distance.

Unnatural silence flowed from the nearby forest. The creatures were no longer making sound, making room for the whisper of a breeze over the wild grasses and weeds. Lexx’s skin prickled, and he turned to Serenity, grumbling.

“They’re close.”

He lifted his wings as he ran through along the grassy hilltop. Running wasn’t fun, but it was effective. If he flew, they would spot him without a problem. Remaining on foot until necessary bought more time.

“You should fly, Lexx,” suggested Serenity, loping at his side. “You will be able to see her better.”

“Yes, and she’ll be able to see me too,” replied Lexx, flicking his wings. “We stick to the plan, Serenity.”


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