The Numbers

So I ran the numbers.  Professional comic artists tend to churn out 22 pages a month.  I set a goal of 30.  I can easily do 30 comics a month and not have to do intense work on weekends, which is what I want to start doing.  Actually having LIGHT weekends where I just write, panel and letter.

Each month, I can do 4 comics per title.  I really want to do 8 comics for Alien Dice, but that’s jut not going to work out when I have so many other things I want to work on too.    So 4 for Alien Dice, Campus Safari, Genoworks, Kiet, Vincent and Filiaire, Draco Vulpes = 24 comics.  I can add Black Rose and Shivae! easily at 4 comics each to equal 32-33 (for DV’s extra comic.)  That leaves Serin and Abby’s Agency by the wayside which makes me sad. Worse, it also leaves other comics I’m converting to prose on the wayside and that makes me even sadder.  When Genoworks finishes this chapter I am going to slot Draco Vulpes into its spot for awhile so I can work on other things in the interim and finish scripting out a year for each comic.  I will pick up both Serin and Abby and do what I’ve done before – split pages to make the most of what I can do where it works.  

I have been wanting to do illustrated novels for the last decade when I started work on The River.  Now I have completed the first book of Sivine Blades, two books of Lil’Sune/Aric’Sune, and will be working on the second Sivine Blades book soon.  I’m also writing stupid fanfic, because it makes me happy.  I will likely begin slipping in extra updates to AD as well.

– Tiff

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