Strange Magic Fanfic

(You can just ignore this if you have no interest in it.)

So I got  hit by the desire to write and it wasn’t the usual one that makes me write hundreds of pages of scripts or other stories.  Instead, I wrote the start of a fanfic based in the world of Strange Magic, taking place before the actual movie.  You do NOT need to know anything about the movie.  Chances are I will alter it later and give it the 50 Shades of Grey Treatment (No, it is not smut!) just make it my own later since the majority of it I my own… as you will see.

The story is just about goblins and fairies and has a cringeworthy battle that I’m warning you now has a nasty weapon when you get to the actual big battle involving the second predator creature.  One of those that made my skin crawl just writing it.

It’s NOT edited properly and has been written completely on the fly without any outlining.  I’m not doing these things because I’m trying to run it out of me and make it go away. 😀

It is sappy and all about gushy love in so many places that I normally don’t write.  

I’m giving it to you, because I’m still working on other updates and it’s late.  There will be Draco Vulpes updates in the morning and Genoworks as well.  

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