Rewards and Goals Adjustments

I’ve had time to learn how Patreon works and you’ll notice some reorganizing. I finally figured out that my goals needed to include my tier information and some tiers need to go away because they confuse me and if they confuse me, they may confuse others.

While I have changed the limits on some, you still get that reward if you are signed up for it. I have several in progress and will be working on one tonight in stream, the $500 reward from the month before of Kim and a Shivae! 😀

I figured out that a general ‘list’ asking for from people is the best way to go since the Random Ramblings went off so well and yet other things I ask for character suggestions don’t get any suggestions, even though I ask. There are a bunch of people who I think should be getting rewards, who haven’t asked for them, so I’m going to assume they signed up for the tier that was tied to their monthly patronage not really to get rewards, but the rewards are there for the ASKING!!!!

I’m going to reorganize some things and set up some lists offsite on so people can easily see what is available and who’s next on the list for what month. I’ve added character fan packs to the goals, which include some humorous comics. I know that one thing y’all like.. is comics. 😀 I always get a much bigger response on those when I ask for characters you want to see than anything else!

I’m considering copying my good friends over there and offering up a Cyantian Species/Dice of the month miniprint/postcards for all $5 and above supporters, once I have a place to store them. 😀 You’d get to choose which one. *Sigh* Yes, this is a limitation of Patreon, not being able to select which rewards you want easily. It would cut down on a lot of my anxiety if I knew which ones of you actually wanted things!

– Tiff

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