Okay, I’ve been quiet, because I’m trying to get things done. Moving just a little faster than I was, since I COMPLETED pages finally.  Which means today, I didn’t just stare at the computer screen with a blank mind the entire day.  I’m going to go off and draw the 6 fanart challenge thingy and I’m going to do it several times.  

I’m trying to loosen up by doing things I don’t normally do, so suggest away! They will be simple pieces.

Thank you to all my patrons! My family and I are all in the high risk category. I’m diabetic, kid has heart issues/respiratory and my husband also has respiratory weakness. Ordered masks, staying at home. We’ve been doing that for almost a month now. So far, I’m finding I hate instacart and trying to order anything online, because I should be sticking to a special diet. If I do not eat right, everything gets blurry. 

– Tiff

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