Next Few Weeks

I have a convention this weekend. Comics are already mostly done! That will finish out February!

Then in March, well, Kim’s procedure is March 6th. Spring break is the following week. Kim will be at home the first week of March to make SURE she doesn’t get sick so she can have her procedure done. Comics will update as usual until the week after Spring break. I’m taking a break, because I need it.

Everything should be ok around that break. The next break won’t be until Summer. We have a family gathering to attend and we’ll be out. I’m not saying when, because I know better and comics will update on schedule. 😀

Now, on to this 50 Shades of Prey – That was not expected. ALL of my greyscale comics will be going straight black and white and more minimal, because I like to overwork things and I LIKE black and white. I want to do MORE comics! But I can’t if I keep shading them.

By the way, while searching for a name for the main character I wanted something that meant warrior and when I saw the name Anakin pop up on the list, I thought, hahah, I’m going to name him Anakin, because I intend to kill this character!

Unfortunately, I kind of like him and his role in the story changed abruptly as I began scripting. 😀

– Tiff

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