February News

First of all, I finally joined Tapastic. It’s like a cross between Inkblazers and Patreon, but I don’t recommend supporting me there, at the moment, because I’m currently doing uploading of various comics and NONE of them current. NEW comics will go there.

Now, on that like Patreon thing. They have this feature called milestones where they let you build up to a reward and you know what, I’m going to mirror the milestone rewards here. Once all the payments clear, I will be posting what is available and just about all of you qualify for SOMETHING and some of you qualify for a LOT!

I’m sad that Patreon does not have this sort of individual milestone. 🙁 I like it much better than the monthly thing, because it’s easier to track for sending out rewards. I’m going to recommend it right after I post this.

Next, new comics will be posted to Tapastic and possibly NOT to my sites immediately. Why? Because my websites are a disaster and I don’t know what to do with them. I need to spend some time figuring out new layouts and rolling them out. I don’t need to add new archives, even if that’s not for some time. So new comics will be updated HERE and Tapastic.

I have Furry Fiesta at the end of the month. I’ve given up on preparing for it, but I am open for badges right now.

Kim is approved for her procedure, but we still don’t have a date. Planning on it for spring break in March.

All’s good otherwise, other than February is ME month, as in, do all that promotional stuff I am allergic to doing. I need to kick up things.

– Tiff

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