Edited Tiers

Edit: When I originally set up my Patreon, there were tiers that were set up for Cyantian Chronicles, Alien Dice, and ALL.  I had them set to $5, $5.01, and $4.99.  I believe I deliver the complete files to $5 and up, but to simplify things, I decided $3 was fine, because so many people support with far more than that.  I and my family greatly appreciate it.  Once I started delivering updates, I saw that wasn’t how they had it set up to work.  Now it is set up that way.

A couple of weeks ago, I NOTICED that Patreon finally rolled out the post options I wanted from the start and had set up when I set up Patreon initially.  It didn’t work out the way it should have and I can’t delete tiers with people in them, so I’ve renamed tiers.  If you want additional tiers for sorting PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! 

It’ll take me awhile, but I intend to get to this page once comics are back in line.  I’m actually inking Campus Safari tonight.  I hope.  

In any case, you can now select WHICH comics you want and I recommend that you do!  When I update next, I’m going to be filtering comics by the tier labels and right now you can select ALL Basic updates or Premium, Alien Dice only, Cyantian Chronicles Basic or Premium.  They adjusted the way tiers work.  Hopefully this doesn’t cause any problems!

– Tiffany Ross

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