Alien Dice 10/30

Meanwhile, back on the island, Chel’s mother had her eyes set on a goal. Maelinn was teaching Karmine how to dance nearby. Riley was sitting with his back to a table, his right arm resting on the tabletop. He was watching his lovely girlfriend with a huge smile spread across his face. His fangs were sticking out of the corners of his mouth. Mel walked behind him and pulled up a chair to sit on the other side of the table. She leaned forward and grinned at the tall, lanky alien. “This may not be polite, but can I ask you for a DNA sample?”

Riley made a perplexed face as his eyes slowly shifted to the side. He turned to look at Mel while trying to keep track of Maelinn at the same time. “Why?”

“Science,” Mel stated hopefully. She had goals of getting as many samples as she could get but thought she would stick with the aliens who knew Chel.

Riley turned and regarded Mel. The look on her face was way too eager and concerning. “I would be more likely to say yes if you weren’t looking at me like that.” He sighed. 

“Just a cheek swab?” Mel held up a tube with a qtip in it. Her pockets were loaded with them. Riley made a face at her and turned his back.

“I don’t know. If I agree to this, you might have further requests.” Riley looked up into Mauki’s smiling face. His older brother had wandered over to say hi and overhead the conversation.

“Well, now that you mention it, a physical examination is my goal,” Mel stated. 

Mauki chuckled and leaned toward his brother. “Please do it, Riley, and let me watch!”

“I am not here for your amusement, Mauki.” Riley grimaced and rolled his eyes in response.

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