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Alien Dice 27.2 05

“The Gauntlet has been called.” Lexx snapped at the cat. He glared at her, waiting for her response.
Stealth visibly flinched back, her tails swishing erratically behind her. She stared up at Lexx with a sincerely concerned expression that he had never seen before.
“What are you going to do?” She inquired, her voice almost breaking.
Lexx’s annoyance melted away in the face of Stealth’s visible emotions. He stepped away from her and settled back onto the side of the bed. “Wake everyone up and tell them I’m leaving.” He answered the question in a reluctant tone.
Stealth sprang forward, the fur along her back raised in alarm, wings arcing up and out. “You can’t do that, Lexx!” She hissed

The convention has left my mind mush, evidenced by me reposting this when I didn’t need to.. – Tiff

Update Schedules and Upcoming Content

Just a little note that Sunday Evening will see the updates for the next week uploaded early, plus the bulk of my posting until I can get a keyboard for my surface. I have a laptop… and a surface. The laptop is normally sitting in my bedroom chained down with three cords to the Yiynova for working and the only time it leaves the desk is on Sunday. 😀
My messages will tend to be shorter during the week unless I get on the real desktop.
So this is the schedule: Sundays. Shivae Studios and Cyantian Chronicles pages will be posted.
Alien Dice updates will be posted the day before they go up on the main site. This gives me time to also update the text with it as I write it.
There will be random “What Am I Working On Right Now” updates, with sneak peaks. Anyone who’s followed me knows that I have twice as many things in back production as I am showing. I do NOT want to update these things online, because I will want to update them, however, patrons will be able to SEE all of the content before it goes to print. These are actually PRINT projects.
Things I’m working on:
Journey: Shivae! story that I’m currently scripting.
Feral: Oh there’s a mound of stories here, Feral and Prince being the primary ones. A group of very special domestic animals, mostly cats and rabbits war against each other in a world overrun with humans. Scripting off and on. Not in a hurry.
Black Rose: Apparently I love Black Rose so much, it couldn’t stop spawning stories that are in various phases of outlining and scripting. Meri, Cute Abominations, Snow, Pecos, Cursed. Most are project names, not real names.
In the Cyantian Chronicles, I have Below, Caravan, Danie, The River, Jackelope Mesa, Silver’s Snoop Squad, Vincent and Filaire, Cesilee’s Diary, Irea, Toast, and Imaginary Friends.
Autumn Rain is a superhero universe.
Chimera – Domestic Dinosaurs, enough said.
Lil’Sune – Nanowrimo project that I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with.
Fantasy Nevermore – This is actually another Black Rose story, but it’s unlike anything else I write… because the primary characters are in their thirties.

As you can see, I have a lot of content. 😀 If I didn’t, I’d go nuts and get bored.

– Tiff

Starting Off

Ok, I’m just testing this out right now to see how it works and if my readers are interested. I’d like some feedback suggestions. I know there are things that I can do to give back, like postcards, bookmarks, prints, etc that are more physical along with digital rewards like exclusive storylines, but I want to get an idea of support first
*LAUGH* This post is an excellent test of that, since it appears I can make separate messages for each tier. 😀 So yes, it’s possible I can actually post exclusive content here that will not show up on the regular site and will be available in print otherwise. Ok, let’s get started!