Alien Dice 30-02-10-11

Serenity took off into the grass. Lexx momentarily lost sight of her from where he hid. Growls filled his head, coming across the link as she moved into position. Glimpses of Tairin walking through grass up to her waist flickered through his head. She pressed a hand to her head as though she had stepped on something unpleasant.

It was then that Serenity emerged from the grass, leaping silently at Tairin, jaws parting and teeth gleaming. Lexx caught the movement over the top of the grass and glimpsed the startled look on Tairin’s face as his dice dropped toward her, forepaws stretching wickedly curved claws into the air.

Lexx jumped as Serenity sailed through Tairin’s form. It glimmered and flashed out of existence, and Serenity vanished into the tall grass. A trap? That’s not good at all. Lexx glanced around and still didn’t see Tairin. She had to be nearby. He waded through the grass, heading toward Serenity as panic rippled over the relay.

He stopped, close enough to see glimmers of ribbon rising out of the grass. Serenity tried to run, but the light flared, encircling her body.


Finished it this morning! I’m making a bit of progress. 😀 Now if I could only stop all the interruptions in my day. – Tiff

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