Welcome to my Nightmare

Yes, I haven’t started on Akaelae yet, because there’s something really important I need to do. 


This is my third extensive timeline. I had to do one for Black Rose and Dragonfae Cycle, which thankfully relied on regular Earth calendars. For this one, I had to design the actual calendar for Cyantzium. 

Thank you, Grand Dragon, for the link: https://donjon.bin.sh/fantasy/calendar/#

I created a calendar using this, which works so well!

And then I used Aeon Timeline (which I purchased a few months ago): https://timeline.app/

I highly recommend it for sorting dates and times. When I rewrite Alien Dice, I will use this to keep track of time and such. It would have been a good help to have at the start.

So now I have a unique calendar to place the events on and line up together into seasons. Most of the time, you will not see references to this calendar. It’s strictly for me to keep track of the days and where everyone is. Once I complete the main characters’ ages in relation to one event, it’ll be easy to fill in the others.

This is taking a while.

I have a new Discord channel btw, a general one setup for Patreon and elsewhere: https://discord.gg/vZ9eNamu

– Tiff

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