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In a relatively short time, the beach and island itself emptied of people and Dice. A few stragglers remained, but most took their leave to observe the final hours from the safety of their cloaked ships.

Kade paced in the sand just outside the range of the video feed, listening to a report from his ship. They were still monitoring the situation in the sea, waiting for word of progress. Riley, Chel, Keith, and Damian stood behind him, far too fixated on the battle and reporter breaking in with his personal thoughts. It didn’t matter if you watched or not, the outcome would be the same… and Kade was privy to the end of the game.

“The Humans’ movements have halted?” Kade tapped the side of his head as the message came in over his relay. This was good news. “Excellent. Take the necessary precautions.”

In a span of time that had become increasingly dark and unstable, removing one of the exterior stresses was a plus. Kade turned and headed his son and friends to deliver the good news. They needed to hear something hopeful.

They turned toward him as he approached, waiting.

“Chel, your parents were successful,” said Kade, offering a thin smile of support.


Yes, I got it done! I don’t have next week’s done, but working on Vincent and Filaire today and then AD when I’m done with it, so I SHOULD have updates. My daughter is in school again, woohoo! I’m ALONE with peace and quiet.

Note: I realized…after twenty years… I SHOULD CAPITILIZE DICE when referring to them. 9.9 

I’ve been updating Alien Dice to Webtoons in a modified format… and it’s pointed out issues that I’m going to work on. It has also pointed out… severe errors. :/ What kind of errors? There are pages that are corrupted and lost that will have to be redone. There are pacing issues from how I started it… and it’s upsetting. Yes, I keep dragging my feet on the final books, because there’s a lot of work in it. At the same time, I’m coming up on the end. I intend to fully rewrite the text portion as a standalone novel now that I see what the massive errors are that I made in shifting POV due to the nature of how comics are different from writing. I’m going to fix that.

I’m plotting fully writing out the next Alien Dice story as a novel first and the comic version a separate entity. It will be shorter! 😀

– Tiff

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