Alien Dice Day 30-01-12 & 13

This week and next week’s update! – Tiff

After a moment, Tairin opened one eye, then the second. Lexx turned his back to her, walking away with his wings twitching. “No. Heal and search for me.” That was all there was to say. Not that he had to say anything. She would undoubtedly come after him once her body finished healing.

“Pyre, Serenity,” Lexx called to them as he took to the air with a powerful flap of his wings. “Let’s go.” The two dice bolted after him, leaving Tairin’s dice to run to her. They would meet again soon, and any break they could get was invaluable.


Any minute now.

Pyre perched in a nearby tree, alert for anything out of the ordinary. Lexx paced, stopping every few steps to look at the sky. Serenity followed in his footsteps, her ears swiveling like radar dishes. 

He had a worrying predicament on top of being hunted. Blood dripped down his arm from the injuries Tairin had given him. The bandages were soaked and falling off even as he tried to cover the wounds. 

“It’s healing, but not as fast as it should,” said Lexx, lifting his injured arm. The gashes had closed but kept breaking, blood oozing from them. They stung far more than any injury he had ever received. “They have some sort of nanite counter in them.” Lexx stared at his arm, a fire burning through his veins. 

He could imagine a microscopic war going on, his nanites countering whatever was in Tairin’s whip. Injuries that couldn’t heal would eventually bring him down, and if she struck Pyre or Serenity with her whip or another weapon with this in them, it would make it easier to defeat them too.

“We can’t let them touch us,” grumbled Lexx, the realization hitting him fully. They were cheating.

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