I Had Plans…

I was all ready to work with intermittent internet access and power. Then the power went OFF and instead of rotating like they said it would, STAYED OFF FOR ALMOST THREE DAYS. That started at 6 am on Monday and ended at 11 pm last night. We had a tiny little block of just over an hour of electricity during that time, with four straight days of below-freezing temperatures. We have a gas water heater and stove, so we’re mostly okay, but are still running our faucets so we don’t end up with busted pipes like a lot of people are right now. 🙁 A LOT. 

The power can still go off, but keeping things charged. I’m not getting anything done, because it was too cold to do anything. I DID some pencils and scripting. Btw. I am scripting the LAST part of Alien Dice and will finalize it within a few days. 

At least I found out my scanner does work attached to my laptop. Right before I shut down, I spent two hours trying to fix it and my desktop won’t accept it. 

Well, that’s what’s going on. I will update more when I can, but am working now that I’m warm. – Tiff

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