Wingust 14, 15, & 16

Whew.  HALFWAY MARK!  I finished them yesterday, but wasn’t feeling well in the evening. Also missed that I needed to upload comics on Sunday that were already done.. d’oh!  Doing that as soon as I’m done here.

First one is Stormy Weather.

Second one is  nesting. Weaver birds build amazing nests, and I like using the community nesting aspect for little dragons. It’s fireproof. Every bit of the material is coated in saliva, since it makes sense that the inside of a fire breathing creature’s mouth would have to be fire resistant to begin with.

 Also, I realized the first question would be: But what about baby dragons breathing fire? At first, I considered replying with the fact that they don’t breath fire when they’re babies, but then I figured that if there were competing dragons nearby, they might just set the whole nest on fire.

 So yes, coated in flame retardent saliva. Birds do far weirder things…. I bet this nest is edible too. After a very specific process like the swiftlet nests that are used in bird’s nest soup. 

Third one is HIDE!  where we have a sequence of hiding going on. 😀

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