What Would You Like?

Okay, I’ve had false start after false start and this week wasn’t any better. I am having severe problems working and I’m just sitting there wasting time. So I’m going to try something new. I’m going to give myself a set amount of time to work on comics, an hour, then I’m going to go and do something else for a couple of hours. 

People can keep saying, take a break, etc, but I can’t do that, because I would like to maintain my Patreon numbers to keep paying bills and such.  I need to be doing SOMETHING productive. So here’s what I can do.

1. I am GOING to finish the Cyantian Chronicles fic Shipwreck.

2. I am rebuilding some of the websites, starting with Black Rose’s site.

3. I will begin work on the written Kiet story.

4. I will finish my editing of Alien Dice’s text story.

5. I will begin rewriting my Black Rose story, which was actually written, but I’m going to keep going!

6. I would like to hold some fun Twitch doodle streams where any of you can ask me to doodle something fun and quick to try to work me out of my slump. Yeah… I know the thing that will work me out is my family members not being in my house all the time. :/  I can’t do anything about that. Kid is stressing me out by not doing her school work and having to be on top of her all the time and husband’s work hours are all over the place, which is also messing with me.  I don’t know what day it is. I thought today was Wednesday at one point… before that.. it was Friday every day….

7. I will be assembling new books for EVERYTHING. 

8. I will be loading my awful (it’s not awful, I’m just embarrassed to be into it) fanfiction into the dropbox.  ALL of it, as it’s originally written. IT will be deleted if I rewrite it, and it’s all raw, but you might enjoy them. They’ve been a welcome way of dealing with stress… which uhh… has me writing a lot when I have moments in between trying to do comics.  That’s what’s so frustrating… the time I’m sitting staring at the screen, I could be writing or editing. 🙁  So there is STUFF.  I apologize, it’s all based on Strange Magic and Trollhunters and I darn well earn my PG-13 in these.

9. Small Blackwood Kickstarter

10. What about I finally do all those character pages I really need to do for ANY story? Ask me about any character and I will start with them.  

I think ten is good, but I do want to do Two-three hour twitch streams starting this Saturday to start with!

I am trying, but I’ve seriously reached a point where the well is just DRY and maybe I should stop pushing at it so hard, because the writing well is overflowing and flooding all over the place… going to work on Shipwrecked now!

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