Welcome to 2015

As always, when you want your tier perk, please let me know what you want. 😀 Right now, I’m creating My Little Shivae per request (yes, using them for charms and buttons.) AND I have a couple of pencils that need to be inked and colored.

For January, I’m STILL preparing the Cyantian Chronicles books 1 and 2 in their new printing format. I have Furry Fiesta at the end of February, which I am also preparing for and I will show off all the art and projects here first.

Journey is beginning, but will not update quickly. That will bring me up to one bonus project for Shivae!, Alien Dice, AND The Cyantian Chronicles.

It’s very likely that Darius updates will be shown in color here and grey scale on the site to encourage people to sign up. I’m also thinking that I will fold these into the Cyantian Chronicles books in greyscale so that they can be in print. The color books I have plans to do are still being pushed back until we get a house.

We WILL get a house, even if it’s not in a desired part of town. I can’t progress anywhere without room to put books, products, etc. I do still have plans for Black Rose, Pawprints, and Serin for printing asap. They all have enough pages and would be easy to set up once I decide to tackle it. This is new to me. So I’m terrified of it. 😀

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