Update Note

Our AC went out Wednesday around midnight and our Nest told us it was in a 24 hour maintenance mode, which thoroughly confused us.  We’ve never seen that error so opted to wait 24 hours and see what happened in the hopes we wouldn’t have to call for a repair if it wasn’t necessary.  If we had NOT seen that notice, I would have called yesterday morning.

It was 112 with a heat index of 119. 🙁

The inside of our home was around 95-96 for most of the day.  Overnight, it was so hot, my fitbit insists I only slept for two hours.  (Pretty sure I got at least 4 hours of sleep after a nap in the morning from pure exhaustion.)  I was so worried about Quinn that I spent awhile just listening to her pant hoping it wouldn’t start sounding stressed out.

This morning, called our contracted company at 6 am.  I was up at 5am getting ready to go grocery shopping, since it was too hot to sleep and it needed to be done.

They gave us a window from 2pm to 5pm and showed up at 1:45 pm, because they are awesome.

I have accomplished nothing today, mainly because my laptop was overheating due to the heat in my house.  :/  It was still in the 90s in the morning and today was hotter than yesterday.

I have some flatting to get done, then will start inking Vincent and Filaire, however, our home is still in the nineties while it works to bring the temperature down.  The circuit board went out on the fan and the tech did a temporary fix to get us by until they can replace it.  We repayed him in gatorade… and the service fee of course.  We’ll find out how much it is to do the repair next week and since our HVAC is old, not sure what to think.

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