Upcoming Comics

Note for all, because of the life changes we’re working on, (Which btw, will free up my time AFTERWARD), non priority comics are going to be updating very slowly. I’m moving them to summer scheduling early. I probably already said this, but my head is so full of house related things that I’ve forgotten.

Alien Dice and The Cyantian Chronicles will reliably be three times a week in regular pages. The Patreon comics will also be my priority. Abby’s Agency follows.

The following are not a priority and shifting bumpily to summer scheduling, which means, you get strips of a page instead of the whole page that has been updating. Black Rose, Serin, Shivae! Vas, Serin, and whatever I have forgotten.

Random Ramblings will temporarily end until I can start it up again after this arc.

I’m tackling things in order to try to regain my buffer, but time is not with me.

– Tiffany

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