Today’s Work

So… I had some issues with my awesome 15″ XP-pen tablet monitor, but it wsn’t a problem with the monitor… which I had hooked up to my laptop. It was a drag on the laptop and I didn’t like how slow it made it. 

Today, decided I wanted to sit on the couch and work… but I could’t find the power cord. :/ Booo.. searched for it… then on a whim.. hit the power button. I had read in passing yesterday that the newer models could run OFF the laptop but for some reason didn’t realize that mine was one of them.

No more overly hot tablet… ARRRRRGHHHH! IT’s been sitting on  table for months, because I didn’t think it worked well on my Yoga, but it DOES!!!!!!! So I inked Alien Dice and recorded a timelapse. That didn’t work the way I assumed it would…. but eh, now I know.

– Tiff

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