Today’s Alien Dice

They separated to walk a little further down the beach, away from the party. The beach narrowed, with land encroaching upon it. There was a little more privacy here, just a little more.

“You try so hard,” Chel stated. “I want you to win and be free.” She stopped walking and turned to face Lexx, tilting her head up to kiss him again. “We’ll see where this goes together.”

They only had a moment before the sound of footsteps in the sand caught up to them. Vic trudged through the sand, huffing with the exertion. Lexx and Chel turned to face him, both wondering if they were about to get a ‘discussion.’

“You need to have a conversation with your mother before she starts photo-documenting your friends… nude.” The words that came out of her father’s mouth caught Chel entirely off guard. “Never thought I would say something like that,” Vic added in an annoyed grumble.

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