This week’s News

I am repeating a bunch of stuff, because these things are on my mind and I want to make sure people know why this month’s going to be a bit off.

This week, Kim’s at home with me ALL week to make sure she does not get sick prior to her heart valve replacement on Friday. I am currently stress eating my way through the week. (I was doing so good too!) Early on Friday, we’re going in, she’s going to get her procedure, then she stays for 24 hours observation, then we get to leave on Saturday afternoon. (I will be spending the night with her in the hospital.) Our inlaws will be coming into town this week as well.

My birthday is the week after. 😀 If I FORGET my birthday, I will be very sad and depressed. 😀 I need to retain a day just for me, since I only get a few such days every year. Spring break is ALSO next week. Kim gets two weeks of spring break. 😀 I get two weeks of trying to work around Kim and not feel like I’m neglecting her. They got out of school early on Friday due to snow and ice.

Some of you will notice I dove into suddenly doing a ton of website stuff. That was why. I can do that in the living room with my family. So attached is the new layout. It’s not done. 😉 I have a few more things to do before I begin deploying it. The Shivae menu is default until I get more individualized menus.

So right now, I am focusing on ONE thing at a time on my list, getting it done, and moving on. I’m going to be a bit of a one track mess for the next week or so, but once Kim’s done, everything should be much better!! Well.. everything except the bill. – Tiff

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