Thank You!

Thank you for another month that I can sit safely at home. 😀  Sitting working… or staring at a screen, trying to work. I am shading Vincent and Filaire and you will get an update this week. I am still plowing along writing scripts for it, which come easier than art.

Gencon was this weekend and that was the last vacation for my husband. No more Fridays off too, so now, this week.. mostly peace and quiet until child starts homeschooling. :/ *sigh* I work so much better without people around me….

I have nothing to say. I opened another patreon so I wouldn’t plague you with my fics, although they are still going up in the dropbox… eventually. Right now, I’m updating a chapter every day of a rough draft story I’m currently writing, the sequel to Shadow Queen. 

I’m a bit tired, but doing well. Still in a hot zone, but not the worst one. Being careful, not going out if I can avoid it, wearing a mask, etc, etc… still going out more than I like. 🙁

– Tiff

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