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I will update this tomorrow on the site, but it’s all of the most recent chapter up to the current day.

It appears that I have developed an obsession with watching Strange Magic over and over again, every day, for over the last week.  I don’t own the movie or the soundtrack. 🙁  So I’ve been watching it on a free preview of Starz. 😀  I realized yesterday WHY I kept watching it over and over again.  It’s because the primary characters are Lexx and Chel. 😛  So I’ve been filling up a battery and I just want to write so bad now. 😀

Lexx watched Mauki saunter into the darkness accompanied by a pair of shadows moving in the grass nearby.  He regarded them without a word, cautious that an attack could happen at any moment. 

It didn’t come.

Instead, Lexx found himself standing alone in the middle of nowhere, his only company a gentle breeze rustling the grass around his feet.

Lexx slumped forward with a sigh, feeling weary from the thought of having to fight.  He felt ashamed for being tired. Others had died in the gauntlet or been defeated far earlier with rougher battles.  He was getting off easy.

It wasn’t going to last.

Swinging his right hand out, Lexx brought a door forth in a swirl of light.  He was getting better at it with so much practice.  It stabilized after a moment and Lexx stepped through to the place he desired to be, the vacant side of the beach.  He had noticed few partygoers venturing into this area.

The door closed behind him and Lexx stood in the soft sand, spotting three shadowed figures near the rocks.

Lexx recognized Keith, Swiftpaw, and Chel immediately, even in the dim light.  His golden orange eyes lit up in annoyance, wishing Keith away with all his might.  Sadly, that was not an ability he had at his disposal. 

With a sigh, Lexx made his way down the beach to join them.

Keith and Swiftpaw noticed him approaching before Chel did. She had her back to them, arms folded with an air of annoyance floating about her.

“Lexx!”  Keith stood up and waved a greeting.

“Keith.”  Lexx tried to give the human boy a look to indicate he was not welcome here but only succeeded in delivering an awkward grimace.  Keith did not get the hint, but Chel did.

She turned hearing Keith’s greeting and was met with the sight of Lexx trying to give Keith an icy glare.  Keith was smiling, completely oblivious to the daggers going his way.

Chel could feel it.

The relay made it easy for Chel to pick up both of the boys’ emotions, even with Lexx’s experience in hiding them.  Around her, his ability to hide his feelings was becoming more and more erratic.  Keith was just inexperienced.

Keith was trying to be friendly.  Lexx was not. Chel rolled her eyes and glanced away from the two thinking, Seriously?

“Lexx, Keith and I were just discussing what we are going to do when it’s over,”  Chel explained without being asked. 

Lexx continued giving Keith the side eye, mentally repeating: Go away. 

“Maybe they’ll turn you into an actor like Korbaen and Kane.”  Keith stated.

“What does that mean?” Lexx turned to face Keith, his focus broken at the mention of his sister.  “What are they doing to my sister?”

“Hiding them out in the open for their safety.” Chel found her moment to fully change the topic.

“How is that safe?”  Lexx blinked several times at Chel, not understanding what she was saying.  Hide them out in the open?? That was ridiculous. “That sounds even more dangerous for them and foolish.”

“They’re okay, Lexx.”  Chel placed her hand on Lexx’s shoulder, looking him directly in the eyes.

Lexx flinched backward at her touch and immediately regretted it.  Mentally he scolded himself but went on with his protesting. Chel folded her arms, giving Lexx a strange look that made his insides twist with a twinge of worry that he had offended her.

“Kane can’t do anything I can do.”  Lexx gestured wildly with his hands, “She can’t protect herself.”

“She’s safe with ERA,” Keith interjected.  “They don’t want them to get hurt.  It’s part of a cover story to keep them safe and get humans to accept them as they are.  They’re likely to do the same for you.”

Lexx regarded Keith for a moment, then a smile spread over his face.

“No need,” stated Lexx.  “I can blend in with humans without a problem.”

“You can?”  Chel exclaimed.  After all the conversations about fitting in on Earth, this was news to her.  It didn’t help that he had this smug look on his face that kind of made her want to hit him for keeping it a secret.

“I can change my appearance to look fully human,” grinned Lexx.

“You can?!” Keith exclaimed, eager to see this ability in action.

“I want to see!” Chel added excitedly.

“I cannot show you while I am being monitored by the ADC.”  Lexx immediately drew both Chel and Keith into his relay to talk where he could not be heard.  “Rest assured.  When I need to be human, I can do it.”  He focused on Chel.

“Why didn’t you tell me you could that?”  Chel demanded, upset that he hadn’t told her and happy that it was something that he could do.

“It was one of the abilities the architects unlocked.”  Lexx smiled moving closer to Chel.  Keith was distracted by floating around nearby and Lexx just wanted to be by Chel.  

Just being around her made him feel warm and happy. Right now, he was fighting the urge to make up for his minor indiscretion.  The relay wasn’t reality, but it was close enough that he could enjoy her touch and warmth.

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