Stealth Charm

Yes… this is late.  I didn’t get them until November, however, they are cute and I’m offering one up to the first 5 who would like one.  The only requirements are that you are a currently active supporter and that you have supported with a minimum of $10 TOTAL.  That means, even if you’re a dollar supporter. 😀  

This is a 2″ charm with a single sided print.  The orange is translucent.

I’m doing it in batch of 5, so there will be another opportunity later.  I just need to make sure I can handle mailing things.  I’ll include a keychain attachment or a cellphone strap or an earplug adaptive cellphone strap OR a clip for putting on a zipper.   I might even experiment with making a pin out of some of them.

– Tiff

PS:  Obviously I don’t have things set to demand mailing addresses and I just realized that I can’t see yours.  Be sure to message me with your mailing addressment and what attachment you would like!

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