Shivae Studios Status

If I had a good alternative to Patreon – I would use it immediately.  So far, the best I have is Ko-fi and it’s a tiny bit clunky.  I AM going to go and bug a friend about how to set up a wordpress install that’s connected to Patreon to make it easier to read the exclusive comics.  

I am not happy with what goes on every month with substandard processing on pay day.  Luckily for me, I just need to buy groceries, not pay rent or any huge bills in the days following the first. 🙁 

In March, I’m going to take a week off for Spring Break/My Birthday. 😀

I’m running a tiny bit behind – I say I’m behind… when I just uploaded a comic that doesn’t update until March 11th… 😀  but I do not have the updates done yet for Shivae!, Alien Dice or Kiet, which will be worked on this week along with Draco Vulpes.  I will also begin showing you pages of The Promise in various stages of completion. 😀  This is the Quinn story for the upcoming Spider Forest Anthology this year.

– Tiff

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