Shivae Press End of Summer Update

Summer’s over, hurray!  I cheer for the end of summer!  Oh, what… it still has three weeks to go until Kim goes back to school.  Summer is not my favorite season.  We finally began hitting triple digits. 🙁  

Work is progressing in a clunky way.  I managed to finish everything that needed to be done fot his week today, which is two days longer than normal.  Last week, I interrupted work a bit too much with trying to find us a place to live.  I realized that it was causing me a lot of unnecessary stress and I’m so disheartened in this search that I’m not going to go rush out to look at houses anymore during my work hours.

We have an offer in on one house right now, like.. house #7 we’ve put an offer in on.  People are fighting for it and it’s a very plain, very small house.  🙁 

The fall schedule will begin when Kim is back in school, enjoying sixth grade!  Yay! 

I’m not making any work plans right at the moment.  I’m just not in the right frame of mind of after a tumultuous last couple of weeks with vacation gone awry. however, everything is good.

– TIff

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