Shivae! Caiden and Koel 4 – 03

I better get to inking more pages!  I LOVE the little glimmer spots in Caiden’s fur!  Lee did an awesome job.

In related news:  I put together most of volume one of Shivae!

Because of the way they are being printed, on demand via Amazon’s Createspace, 7 x 10 full color volumes they are going to be around 100 pages per book.  I know there are a lot of you who want a FULL collection, which would be around 250 pages for Vas.  I will probably put out a larger collection in the future, once I get the third volume out, but the problem is that it would make the book cost $40-$45 and since there was a recent Kickstarter I REALLY wanted to participate in and could not because it was a giant book with hundreds of pages and was far outside my ability to afford it.  I WANTED that book too, but I probably won’t buy it in the future either.

A 100 page volume will sell for $15 – $17 from me.  I haven’t decided how I will figure in shipping, but via Amazon they will be $20.  The color volumes won’t be available via resellers because I would make an entire 5 cents off each book.

The plan is for Volumes 1 and 2, which will tell most of Vas’ story!

Volume 3 will finish Vas story and I plan a few pages of extra content of the requested Vas greeting his family and the new members.  Volume 3 will also contain the beginning of Cler’s story.  I am publishing the books in order of when they occur and not when I did them.

The only extra content in volumes 1 and 2 will be some new art and covers.

Additional items will be acrylic charms, stickers, bookmarks, and minprints.  I may also have a couple of journals.

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