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Shivae! will be uploaded tomorrow.  It’s too late at night to get to it right now and I have a massive headache after walking almost three miles in the pursuit of pokemon at a gathering in a local park while the sun was still up.   I live in Texas so it was close to 100.  😀  My one hour of exercise a day goal has been met!  I will be immobile tomorrow morning!

I should have taken a vacation week this last week. My daughter is visiting grandparents and my husband took a couple days off from work… which extended into every day when he hurt his back.  I have a difficult time working when there are people in my house. 🙁 I don’t know why, but they are a distraction just being here (Probably because the tv is on when it’s normally not on).  I can work, but it’s at about 2x less than normal so I tend to then end up sitting at my computer until late at night. 🙁   I still managed to completely 2/3rds of the work I intended to get done.  Tomorrow I’ll take another look at my work and figure out what I’m doing.

I’m actually beginning to look forward to school starting up at this point.  I’m going to take a week off and not do any updates on the week of August 15th.  My daughter begins school the following week and there’ll be a lot of school activities for parents.  Most of the comics are actually well buffered, but there are a few that are harder to do a lot ahead on, like Alien Dice, since it updates twice as much as any other comic.  I’m working on getting everything in a smooth routine but expect I’ll be tossed OUT of my routine again next week when we retrieve our daughter from grandparents.  

– Tiff

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