Just a Little Note

A little note, because I’m excited. 😀  Against my reservations, I bit the bullet and bought a new tablet monitor.  I didn’t get it to replace my Yiynova, which is a lovely 22″ one that I do most of my work on.  It’s also three going on four years old.  I bought it to extend the use of my Surface Pro 2 (also over three going on four years old).  I have hated my Surface since I got it.  It’s 10.1″ screen is too small to comfortable work on.  My minimum is apparently 12″.  It causes some weird block when I try to work on it that makes it easy to be distracted.

What I got is an XP-Pen Artist16, which is a 15.6″ tablet monitor.  I decided on it after reading good reviews along with it being the same backbone my Yiynova is, so the complaints, were things I was used to.  I wasn’t aware this was the parent company that provided those internals.

It is the most awesome thing I’ve ever had. 😀 😀 I can use it on my lap, attached to my Surface!  Which is what I wanted.  It has a superior pressure range to both my Surface and Yiynova and I may have a hard time NOT USING IT ALL THE TIME!!!!!!

I finished Alien Dice on it and halfway through realized how different it was, but where it’s really going to shine is my inking.  I decided to abandon hand inking, mostly because I need more nibs and practice and ink.  I inked Campus Safari in it and am working on it right now.

The best part is that it wasn’t insanely expensive and it was also on sale for the Amazon Prime Day. 😀

– Tiff

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