Inktober 2016

I will upload the first inktober ink today.  I have tomorrow’s done and will upload it at a random time.  I likely will not get one done per day so who knows how many there actually will be.  I am going to TRY to upload them at the same time to both Patreons and Swaggerdile and use timestamps via email to see who is first.  

(The first one is Silver.)

The Rules

Do you like this piece? Do you WANT it?! Just be the first to say I WANT IT and you can have it if –

  1. You have donated an     accumulated amount of $30 over however long you’ve been supporting!  If you have not, you can paypal me the     difference.  This covers shipping in     the US.

  3. If you are an international     supporter, we’ll discuss shipping, which will be a few dollars more most     likely if necessary.  Not much     more.  It’s a flat piece of artwork.

  5. You can only have ONE, so     choose wisely.  These are original     inked pieces and are 4″ x 6″ in size.  I will do my best to protect them when     mailed and probably use rigid photo mailers.  I am not responsible if it is lost or     destroyed in the mail and can not replace it. 🙁

  7. If a piece is NOT claimed in     24 hours, it goes up into my store for others to buy.




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