I have some really good news that came up from my husband today!

As you can see, I’ve been having a difficult time with getting my daughter to and from school every day, since she goes to a school that we’re not zoned for and we have to provide transportation.  It’s a 40+ minute drive there and back and I do it twice.  The first week I unwisely went in an hour before school let out to get in the pickup line, then figured out she only has to wait 15 minutes if I leave when school gets out and pick her up then. 😀  However, these trips tend to take considerably more time than they look like, because they interrupt my day due to their times as well as my concentration.

It’s important to keep her in HER school with her friends and system that has well documented her issues and worked with them.  Yeah, it would be easier to just toss her on the closest bus to go to our zoned school, but I’m afraid she would suffer academically and socially.  (She’s autistic.)  

Husband called me this morning to say that he was possibly going to be moved to work at her campus. 😀 😀  This afternoon, it was confirmed!  He will now take her to and from school when he leaves, freeing me to work uninterrupted for full days!  

Puppies are settling in with each other, although this image shows Bixby who just stole Quinn’s cow hoof right out of her mouth, then sat on her to chew it in her face while she whined pitifully.

Everything is going good.  There might be some changes next year, but this fixes so many issues with timing my day.

– Tiff

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