Good News For You, Bad News For Me

Well, the good news is that I won’t be having the extra distraction of looking for a house for the next couple of months.  It will be summer and I have my daughter to take care of, but since she’s 11, she can go running around outside and play while I work now. 😀  I will also be having a family reunion to attend with my husband. That’s it for interruptions.

The bad news is that we spent a month rushing out to look at houses, only to be told on Friday that the paperwork we had submitted for the FHA loan – specifically, the transcript of our 2013 tax return, was NOT what they wanted.  So we had to rush out and get a request in along with $50 to get a copy of the return… in 75 days. 🙁  There isn’t a faster way to get it.  (I asked a friend who works for the IRS and he said, possibly 10 weeks.  Not much better.)  Computer crash took the tax return with it last year.  It was not backed up, because it was on my husband’s partition.  This year, we made sure it was on mine, and backed up via crashplan. 😀

The worst part of it was that I submitted this same paperwork to a different loan agent, who basically shoved us off to the side as unimportant and never got back to us beyond the fact that I handed him the wrong bank statements.  I did that right at the start of our hunting.  Never heard another word back. 9.9  If we’d known, we would have figured this out over a month ago!

So we’re not house hunting anymore, during the time we needed to be house hunting. 🙁  

– Tiffany 

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