Future Plans – aka Rambling To Remove it From My Head

Updates will go up tomorrow, but while I’ve been busy the last few days doing things I didn’t have time for before, getting ready for my daughter to go to school… inspiration popped into my head.

These are things that will show up on the Patreon first, before uploaded elsewhere.

I know better than to redraw things, but I’ve added to my list, mainly for the purposes of fixing things in them.

1st – Caiden and Koel – I think I already announced this. I’m reinking the pages that were done and coloring it so that it fits immediately after Cler for printing purposes. Shivae! IS the easiest comic I have to color and draw. It’s taking the place of Vas, and I’ll be uploading comparison pages.

3rd – Sink or Swim Redraw – This is only the first 24 pages. It’s half done, and I THOUGHT I was done, until I tried to find the printable files and discovered a lot of files saved at the wrong DPI and with horrible lettering, so it’s being redone and I’ll post the entirety of it here since it’s not available on the site.

2nd – Sivine Blades. Nobody ever saw it, but the black and white pages were colored by Flowerlark, but time never allowed me to continue it. There was another thing that got in the way, which jumped into my face and slapped me around repeatedly when I was working on Sink or Swim. The layouts were not done correctly for printing, the art makes me really unhappy, the lettering is wrong, and I can do better now. It’s less than 100 pages of work. It’s being done in bw, manga style and will be uploaded here first, then to Inkblazers. I will be leaving up the old archive. I don’t take those down intentionally.

I’ve already rescripted the first three chapters, half of what’s needed, fixing some errors in the process.

3rd – PURE. Same as above, only it’s even worse! 😀 I’ve learned so much in the … oh good grief… 12 years since I began drawing them! With PURE, I actually had to script additional pages to fix some problems and align it with written text. (I really did things more on a whim back then than now, when I write everything down and try to be consistent.)

4th – The Swiftpaw story I keep mentioning will begin going up soon. I want to finish pencils before I begin putting them out, almost done.

5th – Journey will also begin going up soon. I just want to finish pencilling to the end of the second chapter!

6th – There will be commission art completed this week that will be going up.

7th – I’ve been giving myself a crash course in laying out Alien Dice volume 1 and am going to try to acquire this software http://www.serif.com/PagePlus/ – Page Plus to get it done RIGHT. I’ve also given myself a crash course in understanding conversion of rgb (what I work in) to CMYK. I discovered that my habit (that previously annoyed me) of not shading as dark as some others do, is a plus. The colors do not shift very far and I’m happy with them. I now know, if I want to learn something, I need to do it on a ‘commission/vacation’ week, because it requires a completely different thought pattern.

8th – Going to put up an auction this evening to commission the cover for Cyantian Chronicles #2. The before mentioned commission work will be sprinkled throughout the book. This will be the first book I print through Create space, so I want it completely done before running the Kickstarter so I can see how it comes out. It will also be 6 x 9 in size instead of the larger 10 x 7.5.

9th – Did I mention the Alien Dice Illustrated novel that helped free me from my constant worries about laying out the books? I think I did. Yes, that will come here as well, but I will be treating the text as completely seperate from the original run, which means I may change or add things as I feel like it. 😉 Not much though, I’m pretty happy with it…. and how it ends. >:D

– Tiff

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