Delays Delays

Right now, I’m waiting on Onedrive to sync the finished files for Alien Dice and Vincent and Filaire. :/  I DID FINISH THEM.  Tomorrow I will finish Swiftpaw and get it up and then go down the list of everything else that must be done.

Two long drives down to Southlake for my daughter’s cardiologist did not help me last week. :/  I didn’t know that she was going to be outfitted with a stat reader for 24 hours and I’d need to drive back the next day to return it.    I realize this week I also have a few extra delays/time consuming things, because it’s Kim’s last week of school!

I’m unfortunately at the point of ‘stuff happened that prevented a lot of work on top of being sick for a week’.  One of those stuff happenings was admittedly fun for me, because I don’t get to play games often and we hosted our first little gathering/party in our house.  It was a success and I made sure everyone ate well. 😀

*sigh*  I’m going to reboot my laptop now, because it’s still not syncing, just a head’s up that there will be delays, but I’m getting the pages done throughout the week.

– Tiff

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