Day 18 – Joy

Day 17 and Day 18 kind of go together, unintentionally.  I made an error and had a different piece done, but then realized that piece worked better as Love.  It also features gryphons.

I am NOT drawing a gryphon for tomorrow’s.  Those feathers…. 

It’s not done, which is why it’s not a finished piece.  I need to wait to erase the pencils, which is the only drawback of hand inking.  I’m not filling in some large areas of black, because it will smear!

Tomorrow I will pencil ALL of the rest of these plus Alien Dice and finish inking Campus Safari and start on Genoworks Saga inking.  I am delayed, but I am still working at it.  AD will be hand inked and I’m going to shift back to that for awhile. 

I’m self evaluating like crazy.  If I’m able to quickly get out hand inked pieces and I am having huge problems concentrating on digital, I need to stop doing it on a computer.  I think all of my computer issues have burned me out on inking on a computer. :/  It won’t last forever.  I just need a change to my workflow to refresh myself.

I love inking by hand.  It just doesn’t look the same as digital to me. 😀  I’ve learned some new techniques in the last few months, one of which makes it possible to EASILY take my inks in and process them for color.  Another is to use every tool at my disposal.  I found out I can refill my spent cartridges in my brush pens with bottled ink. 😀  Doing comics with the brush pens for thicker lines was quickly using the cartridges and making them expensive!  This way and refining what I do with microns, dip pens, etc makes things last longer.

I have a MASSIVE stockpile of paper and ink. 😀 😀  Thank you so much!

– Tiff

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