Cyantian Chronicles Updates This Week! 3/9

First we’ll start with Campus Safari, back to Mars and discussion about the situation on Earth!

Then, the final bit of art for the Darrik Pawprints story, which is just a bit of chapter art for the print version. With this story, a book is ready to be compiled. I have a short story that is an extra that will be posted here and NOT online. It’s called, Fishing.

The third file is Sink or Swim. The Ricochete arc continues and it looks like she’s NOT alone.

This post is public, not all will be, since these are the early updates for the week and they are provided for free on the website if you have the patience to wait for the updates. 🙂

For people coming across this, Sink or Swim and Campus Safari and PG-13ish comics and Pawprints is G, a G from the 80’s, not the way too toned down G we have today.

And that’s a wrap of this week’s Cyantian Chronicles updates!

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