Current News and Vacation!

It’s almost November and I didn’t succeed in what I WANTED to get done, however, I still got things done.  Tomorrow I will be doing pencils and inks.  Tuesday, I will hopefully be turning my Tigerdile stream back on and will stream in the afternoon.  Due to our computer situation, I can’t stream in the evening.  I’ve decided we need to work on rebuilding the family computer.  Sadly, we need a motherboard, CPU, RAM, and a power supply.  Pretty sure the CPU/motherboard burned out on it.  Still cheaper than buying a whole new unit, but it’s going to take awhile to get all the parts. :/  Then I can get my computer BACK into my area where I have a good, comfortable setup.

I did not get into Furry Fiesta this year. 🙁  I do not have ANY conventions scheduled.

I obviously am not getting any books together this year and it’s too late to do one for this year.  Instead, I will hopefully get one up in the first months of 2019.  Amazon idiotically closed Createspace (what I use now) and has forced everyone into their less than ready for primetime KDP service. :/  One of the primary drawbacks is that the costs are going up, especially for international books, and some areas will drop my books for some bizarre reason.

USPS is raising shipping costs in 2019.

I am considering doing a pin through Fursona Pins in the future, most likely Quinn.

I am taking a week off for Thanksgiving and a week off for Christmas to spend with my family.  There will be no comic updates over these days. 

Vacation time: 11/19 – 11/25  And 12/24-12/30.

I’m going to go back to hand inking for black and white comics and digital for color.  Mostly because it’s a pain in the butt to clean up pages for color from my scans and I’m still refining my inking/scanning.

OH OH OH!  Almost forgot, for NANOWRIMO, I’m going to go back and write all that missing Alien Dice text, then I’m going to work on some old projects.

I believe that’s it.  Have a good evening!

– Tiffany Ross

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