Character Packs

Character Packs are different from Random Ramblings shorts, so I’m going through and duplicating those suggestions that I’m pretty sure fit into Random Ramblings as well. 😉

I’m going to work on Vas and Taun for the character packs, because I kept track of prior suggestions as well as the new ones.

Kel and then Silver are next on the list for the character packs.

For Random Ramblings, I am currently on Rama.  

The next story is Zax, which I have scripted and ready to go.  Without deciding it on purpose, these stories seem to contain huge  revelations. 😀  Celina is next, then I have Silver, which will take place following her unplanned trip to Earth with Safiri and who they end up with there.

Sound good?  Gooood.

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