Card Perk Listing is Live

I’ve begun listing the cards I have here: For all of you who have been supporting my patreon, there’s a special update: You can request a large number of cards that have already been printed!

Instructions are basically, there are two sections. Section 1 is for images I have not printed. Section 2 is for what I have on hand. In the future, you will be able to pick one image from Section 1 and one from Section 2 on a monthly rotation. Or two from section 2. I have to order the ones in Section 1.

Please note, we’ll see how this goes. If I get overwhelmed with packing and ordering and such, I’ll change the terms, just a warning. I don’t want to be overwhelmed. Right now, that shoudn’t be an issue, I just can’t be spending days packing and mailing.

I can’t guarantee a ton of new images per month, but at a minimum, there will be chapter end images. You can also request whatever images I have in my archives for me to redo.

Oh yeah, wallpapers are also coming!

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