Blackwood Info Text

I could use some eyes to help me with this.  I’m putting the finishing touches on this book so I can get it printed and then hopefully regain my attention for art.


Bogdan Laird is a king, the last in a long line of Lycean werewolves, a family cut down to one within a day. Since then he’s taken his role seriously as Blackwood’s protector, keeping busy managing his family’s tavern with his human mother and adopted brother. He has everything down exactly how he likes it, a set routine he has no desire to deviate from. He runs his town with perfection, keeping the people, Lyceans and Atlanteans, safe.

 There’s one complication. The neighboring town of Rock Castle is a hub of the very thing the people of Blackwood fear most, Arcadian Hunters. The Lairds inadvertently founded their town and refuge at the same time as the King family founded their home. It was too late to move when the Lairds realized their neighbors were Hunters. Over time, they discovered living close to them had its perks. Nobody suspected that a town run by Lyceans would dare to be so close to Hunters.

 The day Katherine King walked into Bog’s Tavern is the day everything began unraveling, after the fiery young woman ends up injured on a later visit. With questions, so many questions about what she sees in Bog’s forest. Katherine has a mission, find the Lycean werewolf she suspects Bogdan Laird is hiding in his forbidden forest and set it on fire.

 Her goal is already achieved, with an anxious king trying to get rid of her and keep her at a distance, while wrestling with the fact she seems to like him. Still, his role in keeping his town, people, and creatures that call Blackwood home is far more important than the only woman who’s ever paid him any real attention.

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