Blackwood (A Blackrose Hybrid Graphic Novel)

 *Posting to all because this is a new project.  There’s something about this that has done something to me in regards to my art…. wow….*

I need to purchase Affinity Publisher before I begin so I’m not laying the book out twice.  This is a hybrid graphic novel.    Too many pictures for a novel.  Too many words for a comic book/graphic novel.  I am doing what I WANT to do because I CAN.

The first book is completely written and follows the Laird and King families.  The Lairds are Lyceans, well, one of them is and he is the sole survivor of his line.  A similar line to that of Driver, the top line of Lyceans.  The Lairds completely rejected the leadership of any vampire and struck out to forge their own path in American in the 1800s.  They settled the town of Blackwood and made it a haven for their kind.

Unfortunately they were well settled in when they discovered they had made their home near a town,  Rock Castle, that was founded by the King family – a well known family of Arcadians – Hunters.  The Lairds had put all of their money into a vast wilderness refuge and could not move so decided to live there with warnings to never cross their boundaries.  The Kings have respected those warnings, not knowing what resides in Blackwood.

Today, Rock Castle is a large city made up of normal humans and Arcadians.  They are a modern city.  Blackwood has retained its roots as a rustic small town with a booming trade in ecotourism and small town charm.  They allow people to camp, hike, fish and hunt in select sections of the Blackwood forest, but others are entirely off limits.

Bogdan Laird is the current head of the Laird family and the owner and protector of Blackwood.  He takes his job seriously.  His town, the people in it and what resides in his forest depend on him to be safe.  He’s struck out on finding a wife for decades when others of his kind automatically know who their match is.  He never found his, until today…. when Katherine King walked into his tavern with her father Lucas King to request the use of a secluded area of the Blackwood Forest to hold a wedding.

Bog hates weddings.

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