Alien Dice Wednesday Update

I completed FOUR pages this week!

Vic paused, thinking about Chill for a moment, and he realized she wore a purple jacket when they arrived. When they left, the jacket was not on her. It only took a moment longer to realize what she had done. Nobody would think anything of a stray article of clothing left somewhere in the underground caverns.

“Chill,” groaned Vic, running a hand over his face. “Cill brought a beacon of some kind with her.” He grimaced, turning to Kade.

“I see.” Kade nodded slowly. “Would you mind returning to your superiors and asking them to call off their invasion?”

“I can try, but as you can see, they have their own plans,” said Vic, waving his hands in the air for emphasis on his lack of control.

“Then find out their intentions,” urged Kade, leaning closer to Vic.

“That, I can do.” Vic dropped his arms and turned to the door. He would do the best he could, but first, he needed to find his wife and daughter and get them off the island.


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