Alien Dice Wednesday Update!


Lexx grumbled, stepping through the door. The next battle’s starting location was on a sandbar on the other side of the island. That was fine because it meant Chel would undoubtedly be out of the danger zone. She would watch the battle—which he did not want her to see—on a screen with his friends. It was bad enough she was there, but have the possibility of seeing him die at any moment had to be difficult.

The water-soaked sand shifted beneath his shoe as it landed on the other side of the door. A sandbar was not an ideal place to battle, and Lexx intended to get off of it and into the island as soon as he could. He looked up to see his opponent emerging from her door at the same time as him.

This time it was a woman, a Sairah. She was taller than Lexx by a few inches and muscular, with an air of superiority that hung thick around her. She dropped her hands to her hips and smirked, sizing him up.

Thankfully, she wasn’t dressed to battle him personally because she gave off the aura of someone who could very well want to take him on one-on-one. Her silvery gray hair swept up off her head like a flaming torch. In the dim light of the moon, she was dark-skinned, dressed in a blue dress over a slinky black bodysuit that didn’t exactly cover much of her body. Gold rings circled her neck and ornamented the dress.

Whoever she was, this wasn’t the standard self-confidence of someone who had paid for an assortment of powerful dice. She had the air of someone who knew what she was doing, and that was dangerous.

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